Shake It Out



I taught a sub class this weekend, and I got overall a good review from everyone but one woman said it was “slow.”  She said I gave excellent cues, and the music was great, but the class was slow.  She told the front desk that when they asked how the class was, so I really can’t figure out what she meant. I know everyone has different styles of teaching and does better as a student with certain styles of teaching, but I just don’t really understand what she meant by that. My music is usually quick unless we’re doing a climb of some sorts where I take the BPM’s down to try to match the RPM’s for a climb. Any input from other instructors/students would be great on this!

1. Deadmau5, Overdraft (4:30): Seeing Deadmau5 tomorrow night at the House of Blues in Boston, and it might be the best show I’ve ever seen.  Prematurely saying that, but it will deem true.

2. Sam Adams, Some Chordz (2:38): I used this during the sub class on Saturday, but it’s great.  Still warming up here, and again, this is Deadmau5’s “Some Chords” with Sammy Adams rapping over it.

3. Britney Spears, Toxic (3:20): Jumps during the chorus! Hey Brit; it’s been a while.

4. Ellie Goulding, Under the Sheets  (Jakwob Remix) (4:27): I’ve used this one before too.. Great for rolling hills. I have a girl crush on Ellie.

5. LMFAO, Sexy and I know It (3:23): Some sprints here during the chorus after he sings “I’m Sexy and I know it”.

6. Girl Talk, Hand Clap (1:54): Little remix here. Sort of took this song for a filler, but it’s got Gwen Stefani’s Holla Back Girl

7. Pretty Lights, Electro Cali (7:43): Great song for a climb.

8. Cascada, What Hurts the Most (Radio Mix) (3:42): Sprints during the chorus.

9. Maroon 5, Moves Like Jagger (Remix) ft. Mac Miller and Christina Aguileria (3:47): Jumps during the chorus on a 4 count!

10. Deadmau5, Raise Your Weapon ft. Greta Svabo Bech (8:23): Amazing climb song.

11. Florence and the Machine, Shake It Out (Benny Benassi Remix) (5:36): Great song for sprints at 2:02, 2:15 and 4:19 (if I can remember correctly).

12. The Rolling Stones, Beast of Burden (4:25): Cooling it down meow.

Thanks for coming, and if you have any input on a “slow” class… let me know! (Hi Beth!)


11 thoughts on “Shake It Out

  1. Slow??? So odd.

    Maybe she just meant that it went by slowly, as in she was tired, maybe not feeling the workout, so it seemed like the 45 minutes or an hour went by slowly. Maybe???

    Brush off your shoulders and throw that comment out. Slow schmo. 🙂

  2. Hey Jess!

    That’s what I was thinking too. Totally down for constructive criticism when I can work with it… that just felt like a weird complaint. Anyway, thanks for the input, I hope you are right! I was bummin’ around your site last week and saw the post about your year update, and I thought it was so nice! Congrats, it seems like everything’s going great for you! Have a great day!


    • I agree, if you’re going to give me feedback, give me something I can use.

      It’s been a good year, no complaints. After a tough couple, it feels good and just confirms that there’s always good just around the corner. 🙂

      You have an amazing day as well!

  3. I’m with Jessica. Slow? I’m not really sure what that complaint even means. It’s great that you are trying to figure out what it is that she meant because you want to try and fix it, but it’s probable that she’s just one of those people that has to complain about everything and she just made that one up because she there really was nothing to complain about. That’s what I’m going with. Some of my regulars have their preferences-I have an older woman that would climb uphill all day if you let her, so she definitely likes it slow. And others like a faster pace. I tend to mix it up so everyone’s happy, which I’m sure you do as well.

    • Haha, I agree too–atleast I hope that’s what it is. Some days go by slow, others go by fast.. That’s life, right? I’m not gonna worry about it too much but I was just so confused as to what it even meant. I think she was just pissed that I wasn’t the woman who teaches the class she normally goes to. C’est la vie, lady! Thanks for the input, Chris!

  4. Bucci! Great to see all the music that you’re throwing up here. I may have to take some of these tracks and spread them around to a couple of spinning classes I’ve seen at the gym I go to. Keep up the work and keep your fellow spinners happy 🙂

    • Gutz! You’re awesome. Thank you so much for the kind words. I want you to do a guest post on my blog sometime for workout music. I think instructors would love to see some cool mashups! You’re awesome.

  5. I personally think it’s great to slow a class down from time to time. It’s gets the riders to focus more on their peddle stroke and breath. Don’t you just love those comments – I like to see creativity and this is a creative ride.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Dana! I agree – I like to use slow, heavy hill climbs to focus on breathing, form, and stroke. I appreciate your kind words so much! As I just told you via twitter, your blog is a great resource for me! I am glad we have connected 🙂

      Have a great day!

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