The Substitute Playlist



I survived my first substitute spin class this morning! I had to make sure I had GOOD music lined up, so that I could make a bunch of people who don’t know me like me.   I got some music compliments, so I would like to think it was a success.

I hate to say that some of these songs have definitely been used before in previous classes. This is the first time I’ve done this so far, but I thought it was okay since it was a different class 🙂 Also, please note I’m not sure if these songs add up to 1 hour or not.  I had two extra songs on my original playlist, but we got started a little late because of bike fit and some late comers, so you might need to add one or two on if you teach a 1 hour class.

1. 80’s Casual, Fiesta (Gramatik Remix) (5:10):  I’m still on a huge Gramatik kick, and for good reason.  This song is great for a warmup.

2. David Guetta and Chris Willis ft. Fergie & LMFAO, Getting Over You (3:08): I love Fergie, and I love this song for sprints.  The parts where they repeat “Party” over and over again is when you sprint!

3. Maroon 5, Moves Like Jagger (Remix) ft. Mac Miller and Christina Aguilera (3:44): I was going to refuse to play the Maroon 5 song in my classes, but I found this remix and liked it too much.  The first 40 seconds or so are Mac Miller, a new Sam Adams-type rapper, and then it kicks into the Maroon 5 lyrics with some heavy bass lingering in the background.  Christina then kicks in for some serious vocals.  We did jumps on the 4 count during the chorus.

4. Florence and the Machine, The Dog Days Are Over (3:45): Sprints during the “Run fast for your mother…” parts! This song won’t ever get old.

5. Lady Gaga, Alejandro (Skrillex Remix) (6:17): Jumps on your own here, until the lyrics stop and Skrillex remix really kicks in.  Once that happens, turn up the resistance for some rolling hills.  Once it’s back to Gaga, jumps on your own.  There are 2 rolling hill parts, and they are a little long but who doesn’t love a good hill + Skrillex?!

6. DJ Tripp, Paper Rump (Wreckx-n-Effect vs. M.I.A.) (3:49): We continued a hill here.  This is one of my favorite mashups. (For some reason it’s very hard to find the DJ Tripp version on youtube, but Pretty Lights basically plays the same one during his concerts, so I put that up for ya.)

7. Sam Adams, Some Chordz (2:38): I was introduced to this song from my friend Keith who is one of my concert buddies.  I originally refrained from Sam Adams, but once I heard this one I was hooked.  It’s Sam rapping over Deadmau5’s “Some Chords” which I am pretty sure I’ve used before in one of my classes.  It’s a great song for low resistance and quick legs, and Sam Adam’s rapping makes it even more enjoyable.

8. Ellie Goulding, Lights (Bassnectar Remix) (4:41): No explanation necessary. If you keep up with my blog, you know how much I love Bassnectar and Ellie Goulding.  This is still one of my favorite songs of the year, and is great for a hill climb.

9. Pretty Lights, Empire State of Mind Remix (4:37): More hills.. yikes, what was I thinking?! This is another one of my favorite songs from this year, and by Pretty Lights, of course :).

10. Snoop Dogg, Sweat (David Guetta Radio Edit) (3:17): This is a fun one for sprints during the chorus.

11. Nero, Promises (4:17): Thanks, Cramerica for this one.  Rolling hills, turn up the resistance when it gets bass-ey! Her voice is beautiful too.

12. Big Gigantic, High and Rising (5:52): I used this one last week and decided I have to use it again for this sub class.  It’s really great for a 2.5 heavy climb, and then once the pace picks up, turn off the resistance by a quarter turn. Then, it gets faster, and you turn it down again and try to keep up with the beat.  It goes crazy at the end, and I got two compliments on this one so you should definitely try to use this one sometime! AND see Big Gigantic live sometime… 🙂

13. Sia, Breathe Me (4:35): Gorgeous cool down song.

Enjoy your long weekend! I hear the weather’s supposed to be rather lovely around New England.


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