High and Rising



You guys are awesome.. This weekend I have reached 5,000 views on my blog (not including my own 🙂 ) and I am so happy that people are actually reading this blog! It has been a very pleasurable part of my week being able to talk about music and how you can use it in spin class, and I am just so thrilled people are interested in listening to my rambles.

I posted the link to Spotify and iTunes above (respectively), and I have also taken the liberty of linking the song with a youtube link for the song to my blog.  Because I have posted almost 300 unique songs so far, I probably will not go back and link them all, but from here on out I am going to try to do that for you guys so you can have instant access to songs.  I will also be updating my Favorites soon, and hope to find the time to make links to all of those as well.

Again, thanks so much for reading, you guys make my whole day with your views and comments =)

1. Big Gigantic, Sky High (4:44): Currently obsessed with this group. Saxaphone, trumpets, jammy, heavy bass… Doesn’t get much better than that. I saw them this summer and they blew me away.  They are on the Pretty Lights Label, of course. Instrumental song for a warm up!

2. Leona Lewis and Avicii, Collide (Radio Edit) (4:00): Avicii is blowing up! He’s a DJ that is becoming huge around the states.  This is a nice song for sprinting when the beat drops, and Leona lewis’ voice is beautiful.

3. New Kids on the Block, Step By Step (4:29): I realized how tacky this song was half way through during class. Everyone got a good laugh out of it. I used it as a secondary warmup song.

4. JLo, Papi (3:40): Good poppy jam for you to use for jumps.  We did a 4 count loop of down in the saddle, up into 2 or 3, back for squats, up into 2 or 3, back down in the saddle, and rinse and repeat during the chorus.  Have fun with it!

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hard to Concentrate (4:02): This song was a little too slow, but it’s beautiful and I love the lyrics.  We started a climb here, which went into the next song.

6. Big Gigantic, High and Rising (5:52): The first two and a half minutes of this song is awesome but it only gets better after that.  We kept the resistance on until that 2.5 minutes was up where you can feel the music change and it gets faster.  Once that happens, we turned down the resistance a quarter turn with every change in the song.  It gets incredibly fast toward the end, and it’s awesome to try to keep up with as you descend down the hill.

7. David Guetta ft. Sia, Titanium (4:05): Sprints on low resistance to get us down the hill.  Sia’s voice is beautiful.  You can hear the beat drop, and that’s when you pick up the feet!

8. Kanye West and Jay-Z, No Church in the Wild (4:33): Climb! Off the new Watch the Thrones album.  Good beat!

9. The Beatles, Love Me Do (2:21): During the harmonica parts we did some sprinting at a resistance of 7 or so.

10. Hercules and Love Affair, Falling (4:54): I love these guys.  They’re a very ecclectic group, the lead singer is a transexual and I hear they are GREAT live.  We did jumps on our own here! They’ve got a 4 on the floor beat to most of their songs.

11. The Rolling Stones, Paint It Black (3:26): Little climb here.

12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Y Control (4:01): We used 3 minutes of this to climb in any position we wanted at a heavy resistance (8.5 – 9).

13. Deadmau5 and Kayne West, The Reward is Love (6:07): Two great leadups to sprints when the beat drops, right around the 2 minute and right around the 3:50 minute spot (I think..) I used the last minute and a half of the song to cool down for timing purposes.

14. Ray Lamontagne, Trouble (4:01): No words are necessary for this amazing cool down song. Check this guy out for sure.

Again.. Thanks for 5,000+ views, I can’t wait until 10,000!


4 thoughts on “High and Rising

  1. Congrats! You’ve created a great little blog here. I always enjoy checking it out. And any spin class with the Beatles in it rocks! Love the Ray LaMontagne too! 🙂

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