Posted in October 2011

San Francisco Bound

iTunes Spotify It’s been a wild past few days.. Saw my first STS9 concert in Boston, and I have no idea why I’ve been holding back on them all these years when they’ve been around. So. Much. FUN! A long, sleepless but incredibly fun weekend visiting friends from college in NYC ensued, where I slept … Continue reading

The Creeps

That time of year is coming where little cutie pies get all dressed up, lots of delicious peanut butter cups are downed, and girls age 16+ forget the meaning of classy.  I’m gonna keep the class, and stick to the PB cups. For those of us who are teaching a class within the next week, … Continue reading

Boom Bap Reinstated

iTunes Spotify [DISCLAIMER]: Can’t figure out why it won’t let me use spaces between songs. I have also learned the hard way, two weeks in a row now, to SAVE WHILE DRAFTING! 🙂 Also, I will try to update the favorites section soon. Scout’s honor. Feeling like I have an extra jump in my step … Continue reading

Shake It Out

iTunes Spotify I taught a sub class this weekend, and I got overall a good review from everyone but one woman said it was “slow.”  She said I gave excellent cues, and the music was great, but the class was slow.  She told the front desk that when they asked how the class was, so … Continue reading

The Substitute Playlist

Spotify iTunes I survived my first substitute spin class this morning! I had to make sure I had GOOD music lined up, so that I could make a bunch of people who don’t know me like me.   I got some music compliments, so I would like to think it was a success. I hate … Continue reading