Long Ride

Still recovering from my big sister’s wedding over the weekend. I can’t believe it’s over already!

Womp womp:

1. Pretty Lights, Switch Up (3:49): You know the drill.

2. Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl (3:06): I liked playing Wild Night during the last class, so I played another Van Morrison song to get the crowd pumped up!

3. The Pimps of Joytime, Long Ride (2:55): Currently obsessed with these guys. Saw them at Allgood 2010, Royal Family Affair 2011 and at the Rumble on the River 2011. Obsessed. So many different genres of music they put out, there’s something there for everyone. They’re funky fresh. This one’s got a bit of a Black Keys feel to it.  You can pick up the pace a little bit during the chorus of the “Long Ride” lyrics.

4. The Scissor Sisters, I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (4:09): I always feel like dancing, but this song is great. We did jumps at our own pace here at a moderate resistance. I still don’t know if this group is female or male.

5. Gramatik, Don’t Get Weary (2:11): This one’s a little off the beaten path.  It’s short and sweet, and the first 40 seconds are a little strange and someone might think your iPod is skipping.  Once 41 comes around, it picks up and you can do a sprint for a minute or so. Huge, huge fan of Gramatik and it just figures he’s on the Pretty Lights label.

6. La Roux, Bulletproof (Foamo Remix) (5:24): Been waiting to use this song for quite some time now! I like this remix. It’s a little long but it works, and there are some good beat drops around 1:14 (I think) and around the 3 minute mark, and then you can go as you please from there after sprinting during the drops. I love her voice.

7. Florence and the Machine, Hurricane Drunk (3:13): Throw on the resistance as this song is a little slow but the chorus picks up. We stayed out in the climbing position and picked up the pace.  Her voice makes me forget I’m even spinning!

8. LCD Soundsystem, Home (7:53): Oooooh what a great song. Typical to LCD’s work, it’s the same steady beat for the whole 8 minutes.  James Murphy’s voice is beautiful, and one of my students asked me who this song was by (YES!) so I was happy. The song kind of has a bunch of different phases to it, and we did a hill for the 8 minutes, pretty tiresome in fact.

9. David Guetta, Without You (ft. Usher) (3:28): We took the resistance back down to low and flew down the other side of this hill with this tune from Usher. I don’t love it, but I do love Guetta. There are 2-3 sprints if I can remember correctly once the beat drops; you can hear when it speeds up and drops back down.

10. The Kinks, (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman (5:59): Shoutout to my big brother who loves this song and suggested I play it for spin class. We did 1 minute recovery, and then 1 minute of jumps at a level 6, 1 minute at a 7, 1 minute at an 8, 1 minute at a 9, 1 minute at a 9.5, and then recovered the rest of it. I liked it! Jumps at our own pace of course since we are increasing heavily for this song.

11. Chromeo, Night by Night (3:47): Seen Chromeo 3 times now, and I just love these guys so much. They are so refreshing and fun, and you feel like you’re in an 80’s music video listening to them. Pick up the pace during the “night by night” chorus, and ride it out in position 2 for this song.

12. Kanye West ft. Daft Punk, Stronger (Radio Edit) (4:08): Since the name of the song is Stronger, I figured we should do one last hill.  I suggested the students put resistance on between a 9 and a 10 for the full 4 minutes of the song, in whatever position they want as long as they keep that resistance.

13.  The Hood Internet, A.C. Newman vs. Chris Brown (1:44): Flew down the bottom of the hill with this song during the chorus. I think there are two sprints in this short mashup.

14. Adele, Someone Like You (4:45): No explanation necessary. Beauty at its best.

Goodnight… and remember, current obsessions: Gramatik, Big Gigantic (that saxaphone is so hot), and the Pimps of Joytime. CHECK IT OUT!


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