Junk of the Heart (Happy)

Another day, another dollar… Another…wedding? My big sis is getting married this Saturday in Cape Cod! I am so excited, and so proud of her, AND she finally tried my spin class, which obviously means she’s addicted to spinning now… 😉 (Just kidding, I’m pretty sure she never wants to come back…)

I have here the links to Itunes and Spotify… I got mixed reactions from everyone about if the Spotify playlist worked, but I wanted to put them both here anyway for those of you who it may have worked for!



This playlist is a little different than what I normally play, but I figured it was time to please the crowd with some classic rock songs:

Damian Marley ft. Nas, Road to Zion (4:39):  Great reggae/hip hop song to start us off.  I have been trying to figure out a way to use Damian Marley in spin, and this song jumped out at me for being a great warm up.  Nas makes an appearance rapping in this song.  It’s a little slow, but it’s got such a good beat that It’s perfect background for stretching and warming up.

Hall and Oates, Rich Girl (2:26): One of my all time favorite classic songs.  Still warming up in each position.

The Killers, Read My Mind (4:07): I had for some reason forgotten about the Killers, but you will be seeing MANY more songs on playlists in the future from these guys.  We did a little climb here, and doubled up on our legs during the chorus.

The Kooks, Junk of the Heart (Happy) (3:08): Thanks to MKB for this suggestion! It’s a totally feel-good song, and we didn’t do anything crazy here, just picked up the pace during the chorus and switched around positions.

Afrojack, Take Over Control (Radio Edit ft. Eva Simons) (3:41): ANOTHER thanks to MKB for this! Kind of obsessed with it. Club music for ya, with a beautiful female vocalist.  Light resistance SPEED when the beat drops! I think we got 3 15-45 second sprints out of this song.

Bruno Mars, Valerie (5:06): Thanks to McGuizzle for this one… I heard it in her car and decided it’d be perfect for some jumps! This is the Amy Winehouse cover that Bruno Mars performed during the tribute to the late star at the MTV VMA’s this year.  I feel so cool using those acronyms.  4 count jumps during the chorus. By the way, I got this from youtube, and the last minute and 20 seconds of the song is no good.

Michael Jackson, Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough (6:06): MJ! Climb climb climb. This is another hot ticket I forgot about until I downloaded his greatest hits, so expect to see more non-remixed MJ songs.

Bassnectar, M.I.A. vs. Nas feat. Lauryn Hill (3:19): New release from my main man, Loren from Bassnectar.  It’s got the back beat of M.I.A.’s Paper Planes, while Nas (again!?) raps during the verses and Lauryn Hill rips it during the chorus from her old Fugee’s days.  It’s a very fun heavy beat for a short climb (or if you continue the climb from the MJ song..)

LCD Soundsystem, Dance Yrself Clean (8:58): Thanks to Asto for this idea… The first three minutes or so are painfully slow, and then before you know it, it picks up into HEAVY mode for the next 3 or 4 minutes.  During the first three minutes, we hung out at a 7.5 resistance, and then once the song gets a little wild after three minutes, we did jumps on a hill on a resistance level of 8 AND a count of 8.  If you listen close enough, you can hear that there’s an instrument, and I’m not sure what but maybe a bass guitar that strums a beat just about every 8 seconds, and that can be your “cue” for jumps.  Of course, always instruct the students to go at their own pace.  It slows down again for a minute or so and then picks up again for more jumps on the 8.  You’ll hear it when you listen!

Heart, Crazy On You (4:55): I let this be the recovery song, where I didn’t speak and just said keep it between a 6-7 resistance and recover for a few minutes.  I think it’s good to do that and am going to try to incorporate that into each class after the heaviest climbs.  Who doesn’t love a few minutes to themselves?

Lauryn Hill, Doo Wop (That Thing) (5:20): I seem to have some repeat artists during this playlist, but I don’t care! Lauryn’s so hot.  We just did a little climb here, and please note the song really ends around 4 minutes and the rest is just talking which we skipped over, of course.

The Beatles, Day Tripper (2:49): SPRINTS! Beatles! Great. Love. We sprinted during the “She was a day tripper” parts, and there is a few of them but they are short.

Lady Gaga, You and I (5:07): I guess I’ll also thank Asto for this one… I’m not a huge fan of the country sound, but it is a good slow tune, perfect for everyone for a cool down.

Enjoy, and wish me luck giving the maid of honor speech at my sister’s wedding this weekend! Ahhh public speaking!


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