Loving Cup

I hope you guys made out OK with the Hurricane last weekend in case it came through your area.  Lots of power outages around me, but it could have been MUCH worse-like poor NH, NY, and VT. I can’t even believe it! Thoughts and prayers go to those affected by the hurricane.

I’m on a week long hiatus since I teach on Mondays and next week is Labor Day, but here’s my playlist from this week!:

STS9, Beyond Right Now (Glitch Mob Remix) (5:54) – Great Glitch Mob remix I came across.  It’s a little bass-ey, and different, but it’s a very cool song.  I’m finally going to see STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) live in concert this fall, I can’t wait! They’re a sick electronic group that has been around and relevant long before the modern DJs.  Oh! Getting back to spinning.. Warm it up!

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Home (5:02) – I used this song for a cool down once, but I love it and I figured it could be good for nice secondary warmup, working song.  Switch positions, gradually increase the resistance.

Outkast, The Way You Move (3:54) – Sprint during the chorus!

Gramatik, Knights of Cydonia (Gramatik Remix) (5:39) – Recently just discovered how much I LOVE Gramatik.  He’s a DJ from Slovenia (that’s a place, right? Maybe it’s Slovakiya), and is on my boyfriend, Pretty Light’s music label, so you KNOW it’s got to be incredible.  Gramatik uses hip hop, soul, funk, and jazz samples to create serious beats.  I liked this one because it uses Muse’s Knights of Cydonia beat, and lyrics and mixes it with what sounds like Biggie Smalls voice.  Check it out, and use it for a climb sometime! Very cool.

David Guetta, Night Of Your Life (ft. Jennifer Hudson) (3:42) – David Guetta is so hot right now, but Jennifer Hudson is on fire.  She is smoking! Not to mention her voice is one the most purest, beautiful voices the radio plays these days.  We did jumps here;  this is a good song for 2/4/8 count jumps, however you want to do it! Play around.

Pretty Lights, All of the Lights (Kanye West Remix) (6:05) – I know I’ve used the regular version of this song by Kanye for a previous playlist, but it was WEEKS ago and technically, this a new song… I love this remix, it’s got a lot of bass, and you can use it for a big climb.

Coldplay, Speed Of Sound (Simon Sh:Out Remix) (6:49) – I like Coldplay, but I don’t know. That new song “Every Tear is a Waterfall” is good and all, but can that title be any more “emo?” Anywho, this is a good one to close your eyes, and do a little endurance out of the saddle with light to moderate resistance, and maybe some sprints on low resistance too.  It’s long but for some reason it seems to go by fast!

Ray Lamontagne, Forever My Friend (5:44) – I took a class at a spin studio in Wellesley called “Spynergy” (HIGHLY recommend it!) and my instructor (also one of the owners), Bill, gave us one song by Van Morrison “I’m not feelin’ it anymore” to have ALL to ourselves. I’m talkin no instructions, no cues, no nothing. As Bill put it, this may be the ONLY five minutes you get to yourself all day.  Make it your own song, and go with whatever you want to do on the bike, but just don’t cheat yourself. I hope that my students enjoyed this as much as I did (both as a student and an instructor).  You can maybe tell them in the beginning of the song, do whatever you want, but hint hint, this song would be good for a climb.

Nero, Promises (4:17) – One of my dear friends suggested this song, and I loved it when I heard it! It’s perfect for rolling hills.  The chorus, where the sound gets heavy and slower is where you can pick it up into a heavier resistance.

Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer, Give Me Everything (Bingo Players Remix) (4:54)  – I don’t really like this song to be honest, but I do like this version.  It’s very clubby/house music sounding, but not in a bad way.  We did jumps for the final 4 minutes of the song, at the student’s own pace.

 Mumford and Sons, Roll Away Your Stone (4:24) – Sprints here! Listen to it and you’ll know exactly when. These guys are awesome.

 Phish, Loving Cup (5:36) – Can’t resist including a Phish song for a cooldown.  This is actually a Rolling Stone’s cover that Phish LOVES to play for encores.  I figured it’d be a nice end to our class right before the holiday.

Have a great week! I will try to post something interesting (other than a playlist) next week; I’m moving into a new apartment this weekend! Hooray! Everyone have a fabulous long weekend, and thoughts and prayers are going out to those affected by the devastation of Irene.



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