I Need a Dollar

Two spin classes in 12 hours… Shouldn’t be a problem, but I am just NOT a morning person. 6AM Spin class was tough on my body today.

This class we had a warmup, 2 songs of climb, 1 song of jumps, repeat the loop 4 times, and then cooldown.  Here’s a bunch of new tunes for a ride!

1. Paul Simon, You Can Call Me Al (4:41) – Classic song that everyone can enjoy for an introduction/warmup.  Safety, introduction, warm-up, stretch, etc. etc.

2. 50 Cent, 21 Questions (ft. Nate Dogg) (3:44) – Bottom of the first hill, and we just warm up here, switching between the 3 positions and putting the resistance gradually up to a 7.

3. Black Eyed Peas, Meet Me Half Way (4:44) – Gradually upping the resistance here, and during the Fergie parts, we double the speed on our legs for little sprints… Should be at about an 8.5-9 by the time you’re done with this song!

4. Britney Spears, (I Got That) Boom Boom) (4:51) – This song has fun jump loops that you can play around with.  We jumped on a 4 count, going from the saddle, up to position 2, doing a squat, up to position 2, back to the saddle… repeat.  We jumped during the choruses, and extended the jumps during the last chorus at the end, and we were all very tired after this one! Light/Moderate resistance.

5. Janet Jackson, That’s the Way Love Goes (4:27) – Throwback. Sexy song! Begin a climb here in the saddle, and bring it up to the three positions throughout the song.

6. Big Gigantic, I Need A Dollar (Big Gigantic Remix) (3:40) – I saw these guys last weekend in Vermont and had such a fun time that I had to find a way to incorporate them into my class.  This song was perfect! Not many different lyrics, just mostly repeating lyrics and a repeating beat.  A few times throughout the song though when it is instrumental, you can hear the brass instruments pick up and we pick up the speed just a little bit.

7. Lady Gaga, Government Hooker (4:14) – Mmmm, Gaga. Great song for jumps, we jumped from position 1 to 3 on a 4 count during the choruses.  Have fun!

8. Jay-Z & Kanye West, Otis (ft. Otis Redding) (3:01) – Beginning of the third hill, and we do a short climb in the saddle on heavy resistance, and the beat repeats a bunch throughout the song, and every 7 time it repeats, that 7th time, the beat picks up for a quick 6-7 seconds and we either switched positions, picked up the pace, or picked up the resistance for each one (there might be 5-6 of them).  Awesome tune off Kanye and Jay-Z’s new collaborative album.

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (4:43) – Another new song from a classic group, RHCP.  This one has a good beat for a climb, and during the chorus you can pick up the pace and double up those legs.

10. Beastie Boys, Body Movin’ (FatBoy Slim Remix) (5:31) – Awesome FatBoy Slim remix to a great Beastie’s song.  Jumps on your own here, do them for the last 4 minutes of the song to give enough recovery time between the last climb song.

11. Gyptian, Hold Yuh (3:53) – LOVE this song.  I can’t understand most of it, and the stuff that is in English, I have no idea what they are saying.  Nonetheless, a beautiful song and a romantic tune.  Begin the bottom of the 4th hill climb. Heavy!

12. Foster The People, Houdini (3:22) – Loving these guys, I have listened to a few of the songs off their album and they’re all pretty fantastic.  Finish the climb in any position, heavy heavy heavy, and try to pick up the pace during the chorus.

13. Passion Pit, Little Secrets (3:59) – Last song, and we have jumps to complete the 4th loop.  Recover for a minute and then begin the 3 minutes of jumps, on the student’s own.  Remind them not to worry about their neighbor.

14. Sheryl Crow, Leaving Las Vegas (5:10) – Cooldown. We did it. Congrats.

Dollar is all I need, hey hey.


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