Push & Pull

Still unwinding after a weekend high at the Royal Family Affair Music Festival up in Stratton Vermont this weekend. Lettuce, Chromeo, Big Gigantic, Break Science & Chalie 2na (WHO I MET!), Pimps of Joytime, Big Gigantic, Soulive, John Brown’s Body, just to name a few…

So much fun, I would highly recommend it next year if any of those names pique your interest.  Stratton is a very walkable and enjoyable little village, all the lodging is right there, and it’s right at the base of the mountain where the base lodge is.  I got to meet a few of the artists because of how small the festival was (only 1500 people) which was very exciting.  Met some very cool friends up there too, I love festies so much!

*SOME OF THESE SONGS NEED EDITS.. SEE MY POST “Sharing Playlists/Explicit Editing” ABOUT THE AUDACITY PROGRAMING FOR EDITING!* Here’s one I somehow mustered out last night after such a tiring weekend:

1. Pretty Lights, Aimin’ at Your Head (4:31)  – MMmm hmm, probably could have guessed it, PL warm up song.  Slow and heavy beat, but a good pump up.  Introduction, safety, warmup, stretch, yada yada yada. Pretty Lights is coming to Boston soon and I CAN’T GO! I’m not happy about it. Thanks big sis, for getting married that weekend and ruining my concert plans! 🙂 Just kidding, congrats big sis.

2. The Hood Internet, Lil’ Kim (feat. Missy Elliot) vs. MGMT, Can You Hear My Kids Now (2:28) – I love this mash up so much. It might hold the #1 spot for mashups in my heart.  We just enjoyed a secondary warm up song here, out of the saddle, in the saddle, standing running, throwin up the resistance just a bit! *THIS SONG NEEDS A FEW EDITS TO BE CLEAN!*

3. Black Eyed Peas, Pump It (3:37) – Classic workout song by the BEP.  Everytime they go through the “pump it” verse, we turn it up.  By the end of the song, you should be at pretty high tension already-about a nine or so.

4. Britney Spears, Me Against the Music (Rishi Rich’s Desi Kulcha Remix) (4:31) – This song was made for jumps.  It’s got a slow beat (but then when you actually begin the jumps it seems way quicker!), perfect for a 4 count of jumps that begin in the saddle, then up to 2, then out to a squatting position, then back up to 2, and repeat a few times–I know that the spinning program should be done with jumps at your own pace which we do in my class 75% of the time when we do jumps, but sometimes these songs are just too perfect to do a little choreograph to.  We did three sets of these jumps during the chorus, and during the last one we extended the set a little bit.  Have fun with this one!

5. Miike Snow, Black and Blue (3:40) – On a little Miike Snow kick right now, and this song is catchy.  Recovery for a little bit and then we take it up to a level 7-8 throughout the song and you can play around with the positions.

6. Ellie Goulding, This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) (Mille Remix) (5:32) – Great Ellie song. What a babe. It’s a little long, and there’s only two (I think) choruses spread out pretty far apart so we stayed out of the saddle for the song, and picked up the pace to stay a little ahead of the beat during the chorus, back to tempo during the instrumental portions.

7. Lady Gaga, Bad Romance (Skrillex Remix) (4:26) – Skrillex makes GREAT Lady Gaga remixes.  It’s obvious why he likes her music so much, and he does a fabulous job making the remixes wompy and just overall fun.  We did jumps at our own pace until the chorus, where we sat back down in the saddle to sprint, and then got back up for the jumps until the next chorus.

8. Bassnectar, Teach Me How to Bassnectar (3:56) – *THIS SONG NEEDS MAJOR EDITS!* There are at least 20,000 swears in this song, but I tried to edit them out as best I could.  I have a friend who will ONLY listen to crap on the radio, and when she heard this song, she told me to immediately send it to her.  It’s totally fun, a well known Bassnectar song mashed up with the Dougie song.  Climb for 4 minutes, it’s a slower beat.

9. Justice, Justice vs. Daft Punk D.A.N.C.E. (Fused Mix) (4:11) – Jumps for this song! It’s a nice electronic mixed with a well known song by Justice, and Daft Punk’s made-famous-by-Kanye’s Harder Better Faster Stronger.

10. David Guetta, Where Them Girls At (Gregori Klosman Remix) (5:25) – *This song needs a few edits*  95% of this song is instrumental, or an overlay of “Where them girls” repeated over and over.  The other 5% is a part of the Nicki Minaj song, and we sprinted on low resistance during a few of the beat drops.  You can really sprint whenever you want during this song though since it’s mostly just the same beat over and over again.

11. Phish, Axilla I (3:31) – Oops, I used another Phish song 🙂 This one has a few really fast parts, which you can hear if you listen to it.  Sprints on low/moderate resistance!

12. Kings of Leon, Radioactive (3:23) – A little climb to end our class, all the way up to a 9.5 resistance, switching between out of the saddle and standing running.

13. Nikka Costa, Push & Pull (5:27) – Gorgeous song that I got from the Blow soundtrack with Johnny Depp.  Great movie. Great song for a cool down.

Enjoy, and I’ll leave you with a highlight of my weekend: Me and Chalie 2na of Jurassic 5–check out his newer project with Break Science, you can actually definitely use some of their beats and his rhymes for a spin class, and I very well might pick one next week to use!


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