It’s actually Tuesday, but who can even keep track?

Here’s a dubby, electronic, beaty playlist for all your workout music and basshead needs.

1. Nalepa, Monday (the Glitch Mob Remix) (6:29) – Learned about this song from a coworker who I just discovered also loves bass and electronic beats. Instrumental warm up song, should get you and the students pumped up for what’s to come! Safety, introduction, stretch, you know the drill by now.

2. Luniz, I got 5 on it (Wick-it Remix) (4:56) – Heard this song through a spin instructor on Twitter! The benefits of social networking… Warming up here still, throwing the resistance level up and switching up the positions from 1, 2 and 3, whenever you feel like it.

3. Robyn, Dancing on My Own (4:50) – Perfect beat for jumps here. Keep the resistance light, 6.5.

4. Mumford and Sons, The Cave (3:38) – Another great song by Mumford and Sons, and we keep the resistance moderate at a 7 for sprints during the heavy music parts (just listen and you’ll hear it!)

5. The Pixies, Where is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix) (4:15) – Basshead remix for a classic Pixies song, and we climb out of the saddle.

6. Deadmau5, Some Chords (7:24) – We rode at a steady level 7 for the first 4 minutes of the song, turned it up to an 8 for the last minute, and then after the beat drops after the 5 minute mark, we rode it out at a level 6 for the remainder of the song (in or out of the saddle… sometimes the saddle hurts too much..)

7. Red Hot Chili Peppers, This Velvet Glove (3:45) – Recover here for a while, and at a 6.5 resistance level during minute 2 when the music picks up we sprint it out in the saddle for what seemed like forever. Possibly one of my all time favorite RHCP songs, beautiful lyrics.

8. The Hood Internet, Amerie vs. Daft Punk Take Control of Da Funk (3:14) – Quick song for jumps at the student’s discretion! Fun remix! Can never go wrong with DAFT!

9. Crystal Castles, Not in Love ft. Robert Smith (3:47) – Stuck it out with a light to moderate resistance, and during the “Not in Love” chorus, we picked up the pace a bit in position 2, and rode it out in 3 until the next chorus.

10. Miike Snow, Silvia (6:26) – I love this group.  Not actually named Miike Snow after a person in the group, FYI.  Again, beautiful lyrics in this song, and a nice steady electro beat to keep you fueled for the 6:30.  We began a climb out of the saddle.

11. Bassnectar, Plugged In (Remix) (4:36) – Continued the climb all the way up to a 9.5 resistance level. This is a track from Bassnectar’s brand new album Divergent Spectrum, and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed.

12. Outkast vs. Deadmau5, Ghosts over Baghdad (3:40) – Descention! Drop the resistance down to a level 6, and sit it in the saddle and at the 1:30 mark, let’s begin a 30 second sprint to ride out our legs from that last climb, recover for 30, sprint for 30, and then YOU’RE THERE! Awesome mix of two signature songs from these artists, and it’s super fast.

13. Alice in Chains, Nutshell (4:19) – I’ve always loved this song, thought it would make for a nice depress after a strengthy workout.

Congratulations, you may now be a basshead.


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