By Golly! I’ve got it.

Thanks to a fellow spin enthusiast (check out ChrisSpin’s blog on my blogroll!) I figured out how to share playlists using iTunes Ping feature.

Look for me under “Amanda Bucci” and you can follow me there, and I will post as best I can the playlists I write about, using the same name as the blog title for each playlist.

One problem is that since a lot of the songs are random remixes I find, they are not available on iTunes. Please contact me if you want help finding the songs that are unavailable, and I will point you in the right direction!

Another thing: Since I just learned how to do it, I posted about 10 playlists (including one I haven’t written about yet), but a lot of the songs are out of order on the iTunes playlist.  If you want to mimick an exact playlist I post, just make sure to re-order the songs to match up to the order in which I sequence them in my blog entries.  Maybe I’ll find some time to try to match them up as best I can for the ones I’ve already posted, but who’s got that kind of time these days?! 🙂 From now on, I will try to post them in order, just without the songs that are unavailable on iTunes.

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@spinmuse) and on spotify (spinmuse) as I will be updating all sorts of social media when I post a playlist! 🙂 Thanks guys, I LOVE YOU ALL!


One thought on “By Golly! I’ve got it.

  1. Thanks for the shout out Amanda! Always happy to help my fellow instructors and friends! Another quick tip regarding iTunes Ping: Many times songs that are on my original playlist do not show up when it is published. In that case, you can choose the ‘edit’ option and ‘add songs’. This allows you to search for the songs in the itunes library and add them to your playlist. For some reason, even the songs that don’t get published are there anyway-weird. Now your playlist will show up on Ping as ‘updated’! You may find some of your mashups and remixes there too. You can also click and drag songs to change the order of your playlist before publishing or through the edit option. I use mashups sometimes that are not on iTunes, so I just create a direct link from my blog to the site where the song can be downloaded. Hope that helps (and makes sense)!

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