Sharing Playlists/Explicit Song Editing

I wanted to let you guys know two things:

1. I am working on putting my playlists in iTunes Ping, under Amanda Bucci, or mands723 (I’m not sure which would come up in search), but for now, if you are desperate for the songs I posted all but the last playlist on Spotify so far, and you can find out how to check them out on my “Spotify!” post.

2. I also just figured out how to edit swears out of songs. I am SO HAPPY about this, I assumed there wasn’t an easy way to do it yourself without having to purchase a software for it.  Turns out if you download a program called “Audacity” for free, and then google “edit swear words from a song”, click on the “WikiHow” link and it tells you very easily how to go about doing this using the Audacity software.  A lot of the songs I download are remixes or originals that are found randomly off websites, so it’s hard to try to find a “clean” version of the remix, but this software will allow you to silence out portions of a song that contain the explicit language.

Sh*t, That’s awesome!


4 thoughts on “Sharing Playlists/Explicit Song Editing

  1. I found you on Ping (at least I think it’s you) by searching Amanda Bucci. I didn’t have as much luck with Spotify though. I don’t have a Twitter account so I’m not sure how to find people once you’re on the Spotify website unless you are linked there directly.
    Thanks for the info on editing. I’ll have to check it out! There are several songs I’d love to use that need some editing. Usually I play them anyway and just talk over the inappropriate parts!

    • Awesome! I’m glad that search worked–I have not uploaded any playlists yet, but I’m slowly but surely on the way to doing so now that I know how thanks to your generous help. Someone else told me that when they clicked the spotify playlist links on my twitter account, it just opened a blank playlist, so maybe Spotify isn’t the route to go. Boooooooo.

      Yeah the editing program was very easy to understand, give me a shout if you need help at all once you give it a shot! The Wikihow article explains it very well. Sometimes I can’t talk loud enough for those swears =)

      Thanks Chris!!!! Have a wonderful day and thanks for checkin my stuff out!

      • Hmmm….did the person that clicked the Spotify link have their own account? I think you might have to have an account and sign in to view playlists. Ha ha-so I’m sure the people over at my blog clicking the link are not getting very far either. Hopefully the kinks will get worked out because it looks promising. I will let you know how the editing thing works out!

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