Pumped Up Kicks

August… I mean really?  For this class, we steadily climbed for the first 30 minutes of class, from which we descended from there after the peak.  I liked it, we started at a 5-6 resistance level, and just steadily brought it up over the course of the 30 minutes.  We were pounding it out hard for the last 5 minutes when we were in the 8.5-10 range.  After the peak, we steadily dropped it down for a few minutes and then stayed around a 6-7 for the rest of class.

1. Deadmau5, Strobe (10:37) – This was the first song I ever heard by Deadmau5, and I fell in love. I think I listened to it probably 5 times in a row (yes, I probably did spend about an hour listening to it.. ugh).  This song has a slow, tranquil build up for the first few minutes, and then a beat pops in, until right around the 6:40 moment when the beat drops. It’s a beautiful, fast paced, instrumental song that I hope the students can get lost in after the introductory warm up.  Since the song is so long, I have once before used a remix by Adam Day which is about half the time, and is only the faster part of the song.  You can find more information about that song in an earlier post called “Sweat” where I use the Strobe remix for the 4th song in that playlist. Enjoy, and fall in love.

2. Miles Fisher, This Must Be the Place (4:38) – A remix to a very powerful song by the Talking Heads called This Must Be the Place.  This has a strong, steady beat, while Miles Fisher voice is a soft, lyrical pleasure to listen to that anyone can appreciate.  If you’re an American Pyscho fan, than you should check out the video on youtube for the Miles Fisher version, and you will love it! Since we were so warmed up from Strobe, we did some jumps for this song, at the students discretion.

3. Beyonce and Jay-Z, Crazy In Love (4:10) – I love these two. When are they gonna have a child already?! Can you imagine his or her potential… Jumps again for this song (the beats too good not to do jumps).

4. MGMT, Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters (4:47) – MGMT holds a special place in my heart.  Unfortunately for me, this song reminds me of an ex boyfriend, but you can’t let that stop you from enjoying a great song. There’s a few different phases in this song, and I was realizing during class that the last minute and a half is too slow and drags out for a little too long, but it’s still good for a heavy climb. Switching between the different positions, at this point we were at about a 7.5-8 resistance level.

5. Mike Posner, Please Don’t Go (3:17) – Not a huge fan of this song, but I thought it’d be a nice little quick song for jumps.

6. Dido, Take My Hand (6:43) – I remember hearing this song when Dido’s cd, No Angel, came out when I was in middle school.  I fell in love with it.  During the 4-5 minute mark of this song, we hit our 30 minute climb peak, so we started to descend thereafter.

7. LCD Soundsystem, All My Friends (7:42) – This band just recently broke up, and don’t ask me why.  They sold out Madison Square Garden in like 3 minutes, and then decided to play 5 nights at a smaller venue in NYC so the fans who missed out for the MSG show could still see them one last time together.  James Murphy, the lead singer, has a beautiful voice.  Half of the stuff LCD Soundsystem put out, I loved, but the other half was too garage-punk for my taste.  Since everyone was tired after the climb, we used this long song as an opportunity to drive it out with a low resistance out of the saddle for a while to give the legs a break.  The song has the same exact beat for the whole song, and you kind of get lost in it, so it’s enjoyable.

8. Janet Jackson, Together Again (5:03) – I love Janet! Great song, great beat, and we did some sprints during the chorus of the song.

9. Phish, Poor Heart (Live) (2:19) – I can’t believe I have taught like 10 spin classes so far and I haven’t used a single Phish song yet. My all time favorite band. Most of their songs are not suitable for spin class, but this is a twangy, southern, knee slapper, banjo-playing, tumbleweed in the wind FAST song.  I took a live version I had on my computer, and during the 1:05 mark, we started a 5 second sprint in the saddle, 5 seconds recovery in the saddle, and repeated until the 1:40 mark.  It was tiring but it was quick.

10. Foster the People, Pumped Up Kicks (3:59) – This band is going to be blowin’ up the indie radio stations.  Catchy tunes, I tell ya!  We did some short sprints during the chorus of the song down in the saddle, recovered out of the saddle.

11. Green Day, Brain Stew (3:13) –  Normally I would want heavy sprints during the heavy parts of this song (about 3 of them I think) but since we were descending we kept them light, but very fast.  One last blowout before class ended 🙂

12. Johnny Cash, Hurt (3:52) – One of my all-time favorite covers of a song… ever.  Johnny Cash covered Nine Inch Nails ‘Hurt’ just a few months before his death.  It’s an eerie song that evokes a lot of emotion in me everytime I hear it.  The music video is even more provocative, as it shows The Man In Black in his final stages of life, seemingly content and in acceptance of what’s to come after his wife died.

Don’t let the rest of summer pass you by like it did me! Enjoy 🙂


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