Have you guys heard the buzz about Spotify yet? I just finally had a minute to open it and check it out. BIG FAN!

A reader asked me how to get my playlists on iTunes recently, and I replied that I actually had no idea but would figure it out.  Once I opened Spotify, I noticed there is a very easy “share” button that let’s you post playlists to twitter. I think from there you should be able to see my exact playlist and at least be able to the stream the song to hear it. Not sure if you can download it.

The catch may be that you need a Spotify account to listen/see the playlist.  Just ask Spotify for an invite, it should ask you somewhere along the line if you want to be on the invite list. They will send you an email pretty quickly with an invite, and you can set up an account from there.

So, in turn, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!/spinmuse  @spinmuse is my name, and you will see the links for the playlists, I have labeled each playlist by the name of the post on my blog.

Ohhhh thank goodness for social media outlets! Please let me know if you have any trouble with anything, or if you know how to share playlists on iTunes please let me know! 🙂


3 thoughts on “SPOTIFY!

  1. Hi Amanda! I just discovered Spotify myself and it’s pretty great! I’ve also been using iTunes to share music as well. You’ll need to upgrade to iTunes Ping and from there you can follow and be followed by others. It’s an amazing tool for finding new tunes. You can follow other instructors, music lovers and artistst to see what they’re buying, what they are ‘liking’ and to see playlists and songs that they post. You can then link directly from your blog to your playlists! I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, but I can see where Spotify would be a great resource if you are using them! Good luck to you!

    • Chris! Thank you so much for your help! I will check out the iTunes Ping, I always see it on my sidebar but have not explored it. Thank you so much for the great information!
      Amanda 🙂

      • You bet! As I remember, it was pretty easy to navigate iTunes Ping once you get there, but if you have any further questions, just let me know-I’d be happy to help!

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