Because sometimes that’s all you feel like doing.  I used a lot of short songs for this playlist, enjoy kids!

1. Ben Lee, Catch My Disease (4:14): Not sure why I chose this song for the warm up, but it’s got a good, “catchy” beat.  Kind of fun. Nice introduction to spinning, safety talk and a brisk stretch.

2. The Hood Internet, Rick Ross (ft. R. Kelly) vs. Hercules and Love Affair – Blind Speed (1:46): This song and the following song go very well together since they came off the same album, they transition right into eachother.  Hefty remixed songs by The Hood Internet, a couple of DJ’s who sample popular songs and mash’em up.  I like these two for the secondary warm up songs, just getting our legs warmed up and exploring the three different positions.

3. The Hood Internet, Chromeo vs. Rihanna – Don’t Stop the Fancy Footwork (2:14): It’s Chrome-oOoOoOoooo… read the above song instructions.

4. Beyonce and Jay-Z, Deja Vu (4:02): Jumps for this Beyonce and Jay-Z duo song.  It’s got a slow, steady bassy beat that you can count out 2 counts or 4 counts for some jumps.

5. The Hood Internet, Eve (ft. Swizz Beats) vs. Radiohead – Tambourine Reckoning (2:37): Reckoner by Radiohead is up there as one of my favorite Radiohead songs, and when I heard Eve’s rhyme remixed over the Reckoner beat, I had to use it for spin class. Still play it nice and fast here, switching between positions.

6. Britney Spears, Til the World Ends (3:58): Guilty pleasure. Can you blame me? Jumps, ya’ll.

7. Bloc Party v. Fergie, Blocalicious (3:03): Fast song, a few quick sprints are in order for this song during the heavy “Fergalicious-Def” portions of the song.

8. Michael Jackson ft. Janet Jackson, Scream (4:39): Throw up the resistance, and we picked up the tempo during the chorus.  Great brother and sister duet! Makes me wanna scream.

9. Bob Seger, Hollywood Nights (5:03): CLIMB! BOB. SEGER! NO WORDS NECESSARY.

10. The Roots, The Seed 2.0 (4:14): Another climb, pick up the tempo a bit during the chorus.

11. Vinylshakers, One Night in Bangkok (5:21): I love this house song for the beat, but the lyrics are a little lame. Who cares when you’re crushing it to the beat though? We did 15 second sprints here, 45 seconds rest, 5 times after the first 21 seconds of the song (begin the 5 minutes then).

12. Nelly Furtado, Maneater (4:36): I learned that this is a remake to an old song… Who would have thunk it? I love it! It’s an empowering song for a woman. Jumps during the chorus.

13. D.H.T. ft. Edmee, I go Crazy (Giuseppe D.’s Radio Edit) (3:29): Fast, low resistance, switch between standing running and position 3.

14. Foo Fighters, Everlong (4:08): Sprint during the heavy music parts of this song. Make sure you listen to the lyrics. It’s beautiful. Acoustic version is even better, but that’s no fun for spin class! 🙂

15. Guru Josh Project, Infinite 2008 (3:10): Final song for the class, fast house music-again, I don’t like the lyrics, but I love the backbeat. Sprints on the 15, rest for 45, and call it a day!

16. Sia, Breathe Me (4:35): Beautiful, beautiful.. BEAUTIFUL! song.  This was the one that I got a lot of comments after class on, which I was so happy about! It was used in the Six Feet Under series finale, but it also doubles as a perfect cool down song.

Scream every once in a while, it helps.


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