Posted in August 2011

Loving Cup

I hope you guys made out OK with the Hurricane last weekend in case it came through your area.  Lots of power outages around me, but it could have been MUCH worse-like poor NH, NY, and VT. I can’t even believe it! Thoughts and prayers go to those affected by the hurricane. I’m on a … Continue reading

I Need a Dollar

Two spin classes in 12 hours… Shouldn’t be a problem, but I am just NOT a morning person. 6AM Spin class was tough on my body today. This class we had a warmup, 2 songs of climb, 1 song of jumps, repeat the loop 4 times, and then cooldown.  Here’s a bunch of new tunes … Continue reading

Push & Pull

Still unwinding after a weekend high at the Royal Family Affair Music Festival up in Stratton Vermont this weekend. Lettuce, Chromeo, Big Gigantic, Break Science & Chalie 2na (WHO I MET!), Pimps of Joytime, Big Gigantic, Soulive, John Brown’s Body, just to name a few… So much fun, I would highly recommend it next year if … Continue reading


It’s actually Tuesday, but who can even keep track? Here’s a dubby, electronic, beaty playlist for all your workout music and basshead needs. 1. Nalepa, Monday (the Glitch Mob Remix) (6:29) – Learned about this song from a coworker who I just discovered also loves bass and electronic beats. Instrumental warm up song, should get … Continue reading

By Golly! I’ve got it.

Thanks to a fellow spin enthusiast (check out ChrisSpin’s blog on my blogroll!) I figured out how to share playlists using iTunes Ping feature. Look for me under “Amanda Bucci” and you can follow me there, and I will post as best I can the playlists I write about, using the same name as the … Continue reading

Sharing Playlists/Explicit Song Editing

I wanted to let you guys know two things: 1. I am working on putting my playlists in iTunes Ping, under Amanda Bucci, or mands723 (I’m not sure which would come up in search), but for now, if you are desperate for the songs I posted all but the last playlist on Spotify so far, … Continue reading

Pumped Up Kicks

August… I mean really?  For this class, we steadily climbed for the first 30 minutes of class, from which we descended from there after the peak.  I liked it, we started at a 5-6 resistance level, and just steadily brought it up over the course of the 30 minutes.  We were pounding it out hard … Continue reading


Have you guys heard the buzz about Spotify yet? I just finally had a minute to open it and check it out. BIG FAN! A reader asked me how to get my playlists on iTunes recently, and I replied that I actually had no idea but would figure it out.  Once I opened Spotify, I … Continue reading


Because sometimes that’s all you feel like doing.  I used a lot of short songs for this playlist, enjoy kids! 1. Ben Lee, Catch My Disease (4:14): Not sure why I chose this song for the warm up, but it’s got a good, “catchy” beat.  Kind of fun. Nice introduction to spinning, safety talk and … Continue reading