Two quick things…

#1: I was informed by a friend in my class tonight that during her spin class last week (I think it was in the A.M.), her locker was broken into, iPhone and $100 in cash stolen from her purse… I work at an all women’s, SMALL gym… We were all very creeped out to hear what happened, since you just would never expect it.  Always make sure to keep a lock on your locker (and hope it doesn’t get broken), but just to be aware of your surroundings. What a bummer, I felt so badly for her!

#2: Got a “What was that song?” from a few students tonight, referring to the cool down song (Sia, Breathe Me).  It’s beautiful, and is perfect for a cool down. I discovered this song many years ago when it was used for the series finale of Six Feet Under on HBO during the last few minutes of the episode. Truly a moving song, and wanted to share the love, and share excitement of getting the “What was that song?” question after class, because I want to provide a sweaty workout, but I also hope that my students enjoy my playlists!

GOALS ACCOMPLISHED =) Turning 24 ain’t so bad after all… 🙂


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