Starry Eyed

Here’s another playlist for all of your spin music needs  Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Beautiful weather down the Cape!

Royksopp, Eple (3:37) – Nice instrumental warmup song here. Introduction, safety and warmup time. I love Royksopp. This is the third song I’ve used by them for spin class, they have some very relaxing beats.

Britney Spears, Ooh Ooh Baby (3:28) – My guilty pleasure.. Still used as a warmup song, just switching during the song on a medium resistance in the three different positions to get comfortable.

Outkast, Hey Ya! (3:55) – Awesome tune, moderate resistance, sprints during the chorus!

Justin Timberlake v. Fedde Le Grand, Put Your Sexy Hands Back Up (6:33) – Dirty remix of a classic JT song, throwing House legend Fedde Le Grand in the mix, and you know it’s gotta be good! Here we did jumps during the verse, and at the chorus we did springs. I like letting the students do jumps at their own pace and cue them when to start and stop, and then give them the cue for the sprints that come quickly. Low resistance for this song.

Coldplay, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (4:03) – This song has a good foundation for using heavy resistance and gradually increasing, and speeding up the tempo during the chorus.

The Disco Biscuits, On Time (3:55) – Huge Bisco fan! This sounds got a good beat with lyrics and has a twang of pop to it, which is why I chose it for spin class. We used it as a recovery while going from standing during the chorus to back in the saddle for the verse.

Deadmau5, Moar Ghosts N Stuff (4:30) – Such a sucker for this Deadmau5 beat! I used the same one in my first spin class, but this one has lyrics, and is a little different of a version. Little sprints during the chorus—very quick, only 15 or so seconds long.

Blackbird Blackbird, Hawaii (Niva Remix) (4:05) – Endurance song in position 3, moderate to heavy resistance, just close your eyes and enjoy the relaxing beat.

Mumford & Sons, Little Lion Man (4:07) – Great tune for spin class. During the fast part… we do sprints! Lots of sprints for this playlist, huh?

Lady Gaga, The Edge of Glory (5:21) – Jumps at the students discretion.

Pretty Lights, Who Loves Me (6:08) – Great song for a climb… Gradually increase the resistance all the way up to 10 (heavy!) here, and enjoy the bass 

Ellie Goulding, Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix) (4:41) – Because what kind of class would it be without an Ellie Goulding song?! The beat builds up very nicely in this song, and we use it to our advantage for a full-on sprint when the beat drops. There’s only a few of them and they are quick-and it’s the last working song!

Pretty Lights, The Time Has Come (6:04) – Cool down song, and obviously I chose Pretty Lights. Can’t really get enough of Vincent! See this guy live sometime… he’s seriously incredible.

Beautiful time of year to watch the stars.



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