Posted in July 2011

Two quick things…

#1: I was informed by a friend in my class tonight that during her spin class last week (I think it was in the A.M.), her locker was broken into, iPhone and $100 in cash stolen from her purse… I work at an all women’s, SMALL gym… We were all very creeped out to hear … Continue reading

Pursuit of Happiness

It’s summertime, and everyone should be on the pursuit of happiness (at least on the weekends, when we have free time). Pretty Lights, Take the Sun Away (10:34) – A nice long warmup song from Pretty Lights for safety talk, introduction, stretching, and warming up. That should take up the first 5 minutes or so … Continue reading

Super Bass

My birthday’s coming up… I have the birthday blues this year.  Spinning makes me happy though  Enjoy this playlist, I totally did. Pretty Lights, Someday is Everday (6:42) – Warm up, safety, introduction, bla bla bla.  (but don’t skip the bla bla bla) Joe Budden, Pump it Up (4:09) – Pump up the resistance … Continue reading


Because there’s a bit of a heatwave on the Easy coast… Pretty Lights, NYE Chicago Bulls Intro Remix (4:48) – I realized after my class that I used this once before for warmup! Tsk tsk, Amanda. Still a hot beat for all your introductory, safety, stretching and warmup needs. Notorious BIG, Hypnotize (3:50) – Secondary … Continue reading

Starry Eyed

Here’s another playlist for all of your spin music needs  Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Beautiful weather down the Cape! Royksopp, Eple (3:37) – Nice instrumental warmup song here. Introduction, safety and warmup time. I love Royksopp. This is the third song I’ve used by them for spin class, they have some very relaxing … Continue reading

Better Off Alone

Came up with this playlist on the beach in Florida while going on a post-breakup retreat… hence my choice of title. That beach was HOT! 1. Black Eyed Peas, Imma Be (4:16) – This song goes against my usual choice of instrumental introduction songs, but the lyrics to this song were too perfect for my … Continue reading

Can I Kick It?

Yes you can! Hope everyone had a great 4th–I sure did! Phish festival in Watkins Glen, NY at the international racetrack… I’m tired. Here’s another playlist to wake up and kick it to. 1. Pretty Lights, Forever Lost (5:09) – Another great PL warmup song.  Nice long instrumental pump up song with ample time for … Continue reading