First Spin Class in the Coach’s Seat!

I won’t lie, I was definitely nervous in my first class–even though there are only 14 or so bikes in the class, it’s still a daunting task to walk in to coach your first spin class to a group of fit women who want you to make them sweat.

THAT BEING SAID… I had to have a GREAT playlist ready to go for an HOUR LONG SPIN CLASS.  I want to add that this was my first class, so I couldn’t play too much obscure stuff.. JUST YET! Alas, here it is:

1. Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk, Hey Ladies Remix (6:05) – This is a perfect warm up song.  It’s beaty, slow enough where you don’t want to jump out of your saddle and get goin, but also fun enough that it’s a bit of a pump-up song.  I also chose this song for warm-up because the first 2.5 minutes or so is instrumental, which is important when you’re introducing the spin class for the first few minutes so that your students can hear you over the music.  I love the Beastie Boys, and Daft Punk.. Don’t even get me started.

2. Britney Spears, Hold it Against Me (3:49) – I know, the point of my blog is to stray away from typical pop songs… but I’m a bit of a sucker for Brit (but who isn’t?).  I also had to do my best to win over this class, as I was a new instructor, so there are a few top 40 songs here.  I used this as a working warm up.  I like to use a warmup song for stretching, talking through the class and safety lecture, and then one song to get the legs warm without real stress yet.  I played around with the three positions throughout the song, and at the DUB STEP part (for those of you new to dub step–the beatiest, deepest bass, and bridge of the song) I turned up the resistance to an 8 or 9.  I like dub for the slow climbs where the music really just sub-consciously gets you up that hill.

3. Black Eyed Peas, Dirty Bit (5:08) – Remix of a classic (Dirty Dancing!) song, and I LOVE the BEP.  I kept it low resistance and fast–and during the house parts of the song (after Fergie rocks out), do a few simple sprints in the saddle (15-30 seconds, or until the end of the counts of the house music), and then recover back in position 3.

4.  Rhianna, S&M (Come On) (4:04) – Jumps! Rhianna’s a total babe. I kept it around a resistance of 6.5, and we did jumps on the chorus.  The first chorus we did 8 counts of jumps, and the next chorus we did 4 counts.  After the first chorus we brought the resistance up as well.  When I do jumps, I typically go from position 1 to position 3.

5. Pretty Lights, Jay Z Empire State of Mind Remix (4:37) – Here we go. Pretty Lights. Incredible hip hop low beat house music.  Pretty Lights throws in some dub step here and there, but it’s mostly just really awesome hip hop samples and amazing back beats.  I found this song right off Pretty Light’s website, where you can download it for free.  It’s the Jay-Z Empire State of Mind song with Biggie Smalls rapping over it.  This song was used for a heavy climb, gradually increasing resistance after each verse and chorus part, and starting in position 1 until the first chorus, which we then moved to position 3 for the rest of the song.

6. Deadmau5, Ghosts ‘n Stuff (feat. Rob Swire) (3:15) – Deadmau5.. another one of my favorites. Joel Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5) is probably the hottest DJ on the planet right now. He’s an interesting guy.. very into his cats, and he’s a gamer.  Deadmau5 can be used all the time for work out music, but a lot of it is long instrumental songs, so I like to try to use the shorter ones with lyrics so the class doesn’t get bored.  This is a fast song, and I used light resistance with quick 10-15 sprints during the chorus (i.e. at 1:15) portions of the song.

7. Ke$ha, Blow (3:40) – Ke$ha may wear trash bags, but she’s got great tunes for jumps.  Straight beats the whole time, and you can turn the resistance up a little for this one during the verses since they’re not too too fast.  Jumps were done during the chorus on 8 and 4 counts on different choruses.

8.  Michael Jackson/Akon, Wanna be Startin Somethin ‘2008 (4:14) – Akon and MJ did a collaboration on this song for some concert (I think?).  Decent version, I used it as a recovery/endurance song.  Gradually increased resistance, and during the chorus we went to position 2, but the rest of the song was done in the saddle.

9. LMFAO ft Lauren Bennett and Goon Rock (4:23) – I’m sure every spin instructor has used this song by now… SPRINTS! Low resistance and FAST Cadence! LOVE this song.

10.  Ellie Goulding, Lights (Bassnectar Remix) (4:41) – One of my favorite songs of 2011 so far.  Ellie has got an amazing voice, and Bassnectar–well, he’s one of the top DJ’s in the world right now.  He’s sorta like Pretty Lights in the sense that some of his stuff is low-beated, but he is way more into the dubstep than PL.  I saw him live at AllGood 2010, and it was an absolute nutty time.  The bass was literally going through me even a football field away from the stage.  This was used for a heavy climb, and this was a song that students wanted to know who it was by at the end of class.  Perfect song for a nice heavy climb.  Has some dubstep in it, but like I mentioned before, totally enjoyable for a heavy climb.

11. Enrique Igleasias, Tonight (feat. Ludacris) (3:51) – Jumps! Fast jumps to the 4 and 8 counts during the chorus.  I think we went from position 1 to a squat position for these jumps.  Moderate resistance.

12. Adele, Rolling in the Deep (3:49) – Another total babe. Great song for jumps as well, or a moderate steady resistance and pace.  Here we stayed in the saddle until the chorus where we bumped it up to standing running position.

13.  Ida Corr v. Britney Spears, Let Me Think About It (2:37) – Quick, sprint song for the last working song of the class. You can definitely tell where we do the sprints in the saddle here.  They were between 15-30 seconds, light resistance, with recovery out of the saddle.

14. Sigur Ros, Staralfur (6:46) – Beautiful song from one of my favorite movies, The Life Aquatic.  Nice, relaxing, bed timey-cool down song for stretching and slowing down.

I hope you enjoyed that playlist! More to come 🙂


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