Never been a blogger, but I am hoping to share some fantastic and energized spin music and playlists with fellow instructors.  I know there are a lot of Spin Music blogs out there, but I seem to find that they’re the same old pop, hip hop and classic rock songs.  I am pretty into music of all sorts–but especially electronic, house, dubstep, jam bands, and of course, remixes.

A little background about myself-just about 24 years old, graduated from Union College with an Environmental Studies degree, currently moonlighting as an environmental scientist for a consulting firm, but have dreams of one day opening my own spin studio when I have some cheddahhhhhh.

I hope you get some ideas of ways to use other genres of music that you may not have thought about to use before for a Spin Class.  I have only taught 5 hours worth of Spin so far, but I have gotten many compliments on my playlists , and I feel pretty confident about them. I hope you can use this as a way to throw some variety into your classes, or at least putting a “spin” on normal pop songs.

Good luck, and feel free to comment/post/suggest songs here that are fun to work out to!


5 thoughts on “!

  1. Welcome to the Blogging World. It becomes fun after the first couple of posts…especially when you see your traffic picking up. Good luck with the blog, and make sure to check out my blog for any additional music that you may want to put up.


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