Posted in June 2011

Happy Up Here

Week 2! Wanted to make sure I keep my playlists fresh, and not play the same song twice until I have to (or want to because it’s THAT great for spin class ). Still pretty intimidating walking into that Spin Studio, but didn’t want to vomit from nerves this time around I was pretty psyched … Continue reading

First Spin Class in the Coach’s Seat!

I won’t lie, I was definitely nervous in my first class–even though there are only 14 or so bikes in the class, it’s still a daunting task to walk in to coach your first spin class to a group of fit women who want you to make them sweat. THAT BEING SAID… I had to … Continue reading


Never been a blogger, but I am hoping to share some fantastic and energized spin music and playlists with fellow instructors.  I know there are a lot of Spin Music blogs out there, but I seem to find that they’re the same old pop, hip hop and classic rock songs.  I am pretty into music … Continue reading